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Biography of Cheryl Reynolds

Cheryl was born in Los Angeles California She was raised and educated in the los Angeles School system.
In 2001 Cheryl became interested in poetry, movie production. She began writing poems. She has written around 2,000. Her goal is to write 4,000,000 poems within the next twenty years.
Cheryl was born in Los Angeles California She was raised and educated in the los Angeles School system.
She also is producing computer software programs. She expects to produce 26 programs related to the bible. Each program will have a biblical text, a work book and a software program with at least 25,000 challenges.
She will also produce magazines which the public will subscribe to the magazines will have four editions.The first edition will be available around 2021.The magazines will have 26 features including a movie. Relating to the book of the magazine, with a concordance for research. She will produce 6 movies based on the bible.
One of the main goals which Cheryl hopes will serve mankind is to get people off of the streets. She has pledged to use 30% of all sales for this purpose. With your help, if we raise $300,000 with the next year, I pledge to use 30% for this purpose. We will start to Get people off of the streets on skid row in downtown Los Angeles. I am sure that you will find downtown a more attractive place to enjoy yourself, especially When it comes to shopping. I have spoken in the past with some agencies on skid row who have expressed interest in working with me to achieve this goal. I am sure that you will benefit as well by not being distracted by these people who deserve a better life.
I must hire employment specialists and doctors to work with these people to see what we cab do. Some of these people have mental challenges and ca not work, however, we truly believe that all of these people deserve a better life regardless of their circumstances and we are determined to help them in every way we can.
We will also do what we can to remove people from welfare into good paying jobs. We have been informed that we will have the assistance we need. These people will make a fine living in assisting us to assist people in seeking a better life, whether they are on the street because they can not get the help they need, suffer from mental challenges or cant find work and ended up on welfare.
If we have the success in removing people share from welfare, You will be relieved of the burden of supporting them with your tax dollars and they will join us in paying their fair share. I close by reminding you that by us raising at least $300,000, we can pay the staff and start searching for a better life for all regardless of ones circumstance

Together we can make a difference
Let us proceed without delay
God Bless You
Yours truly,